About us

This website has been created as a general information area for new starters to the movement. It is mainly directed at Irish people living in Ireland, but all are welcome. If you have made it this far you probably feel like I did that there is something deeply wrong with the country and indeed the European Union in which it is trapped. Know this, your feeling is not unfounded and you are not alone. Our country is no longer run by the government in Ireland but is run by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels these people are then in turn controlled by the banks, large corporations and the elite who serve only their own interests.
Under this power structure your nationality means nothing, your vote means nothing and your country as a whole means nothing. Every day our puppet government is signing over more and more of our privileges and birthrights to the European Union, check out the general page for the many examples of this. The mainstream media especially RTE and Denis O’Brien owned newspapers refuse to report on any of this. They are completely controlled by the government and their only function is to provide the people of Ireland with non stop propaganda and distraction.
If you go to the media page it will give you access to the real news and the reality of the direction this country is headed in. It will also give you the chance to link in with other patriots who are doing what they can to raise awareness and fight back against the destruction of our country and our heritage.
 Fianna Fail, Fine Gail, and Sinn Fein are three sides of the same one euro coin. If you go to the politics page it will show you the real alternative political parties who you will be able to vote for in the near future.
This government needs to go but the European Union needs to go with it. Join the community, discover the truth about how badly this country has been betrayed and arm yourself with the knowledge to inform other people.
If you have no borders you have no country.