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Talk in live stream

I want nationalists to interview in live streams.

If you have been to protests or have already shown your face or been doxed then you have nothing stopping you except lack of bollox from talking live on air.

Providing examples of intelligent and honorable discourse between Irish people is crucial to building an Ireland that escapes its traditional state of inferiority and social problems and disgrace.


Im absolutely fed up to the back teeth of people promising they will do it and then months pass and they consistently chicken out for months.

Im also fed up with people asking me for my email address when they should have the cop on to go to my channel and get it from the about section.

Im furthermore fed up with people not knowing how to get the email from the about section. I will not talk to retards like that. I will also not talk to any fucker who breathes down my neck for some reason that Im unaware of, and I am responsible for who I associate with on my channel and I will not bring some shitebag on who will drag me down by association.

BUT now that I said the necessary, because most of ye are cunts,

IF you do have brains and want to talk and say something intelligent then come the fuck on air and give examples of Irish people who have an IQ higher than the average of 92.

My IQ is 144 so says my psychologist in a test that took hours to do.

I dont give a fuck about preserving Irish culture of the last few decades. Drink Alcohol Drink and more Drink. Bit of church. Bit of fiddling. A people who had their wills broken. Reduced to cute hoores who persecute their own and kick them when their down. Yeah. You want to preserve that kind of Ireland, you and your catholic shilling for an institution full of homosexual priests. You want to preserve that? Well then fuck off. And if Im not a nationalist for sayin that, then fine, Im not. Not your kind anyway. I want the Irish to raise to a higher level.

Are you with me?


Just some self righteous fuckin mouth behind a computer who will rip into me for speaking the truth or for doing work in YOUR name?

Why do I bother puttin feelers out there.

It is YOU who should be coming to me.

The fuck is wrong with most of ye.


Most of ye go into comment sections in an emotional rush and in that state you are blind deaf and delusional to the brilliant truths I say in my vids.

I dont give a fuck what any of you think. BUT if you got brains I will talk to you and give you the floor. Fuck you if you claim otherwise because I proved it.

If you shit on me for offering to have you on air you are shitting on yourself.

Think about it.

O an Irish person who thinks. Now that is rare. Now you know why I had so few people to interview.