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So were on the list to be replaced. Sound. BUT who axed me if i want my ethnic group to be replaced. Nobody asked. Its happenin. Whether yous like it or not says the government. Yeah. And in between takin them brown envelopes and doing dirty deals with developers and institutions and gards and the EU and the Brits, they decided to make the notion that the Irish should have their own homeland a sacrifice to their careers and their vanity. We'll be sacrificed for their careers. They'l get loads of support from Soros the political octopus and the American deep state and the EU and the banks and the profits of the multinationals will increase when the average value of a wage falls because of the surplus of labor and if you want the Irish to remain in possession of Ireland then youre in the way of the profits for dirty backstabbing political sleaze.

So ye have a problem with massive mass immigration, what are you, a BEGRUDGER?

Ya have a problem with dirty crony sleaze and gangsters runnin this country like a crime cartel mafia family? Ya begrudger ya.

Ya got a problem with the gravytrain?

and O we have a mandate says the establishment. Aye We bus in loads of IQ level 59 pensioners from a lifetime of pious Ireland and unquestioning obedience and we get loads of tribal votes from all the dedicated Fianna Fail and Fine Gael houses round about the place. We'll get votes because of figures in the civil war 100 years ago, never mind what the policies actually are, never mind these are different parties to back then, never mind. Just vote ye plebs. Its your feudalistic duty to your leige lords.

And with this endorsement which is no endorsement at all because they dont endorse us, they just vote out of the momentum of their delusions, WE will portray that Ireland is a normal country, a copy of America, and we'll have loads of west brits from the bubble areas of rich parts of towns and south side Dublin, and we'll flaunt them on TV and set up a media that runs round in circles interviewing only other shills like us, ANYTHING to endorse the new agenda of progressive Ireland on a fanatical mission to prostitute itself to the latest evolution of political correctness from California, Anything to portray that this establishment of sleaze has some sort of moral high ground, and the more its repeated and forced down the public's throats in laws and schools and the media, the more we will break the willpower of the public and have them accept the proverbial legendary Irish euphamism "ARA SURE WHAT CAN YA DO" What can ye do indeed. Plebs. Go shine my shoes ya pleb.