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live streams with Irish identitarian

I did 2 live streams with youtuber Irish Identitarian who is somehow connected to Reuna and can be heard here:




Watched the first one there, really enjoyed it.

Hi, Bernie thanks for joining the forum.

Thanks for setting it up. Finding it hard enough to navigate tbh. How do I create a thread?

Someone else was having a problem with that. Tell me what the topic is and which section you want it in and I'll make it for you.

I just wanted to do a general how's it going/introduction and I have 2 vids on bitchute I want to post.

Might be an idea to do a "how to" section.

Post the link to your channel here and I'll put it in the media links page with the rest of the youtubers. Make sure you give me the link for the channel and not just an individual video.

There is a section at the bottom of the forum called virtual handshake and you can introduce and say anything you want about yourself there.

If you have any ideas for forum sections let me know and I'll put them in.

Actually I might put a section in for content providers and they can talk about and promote there material there, but send me on your link anyway.

OK cheers.

Here's my bitchute, only 2 vids on it

Apologies to DT for hijacking the thread

Hey, Bernie, your link is now in the media page and you're free to talk about your channel or any other channel in the content provider section in the forum.


In another day I'll delete these messages out of here because they don't belong here.

hw goin eh. BERNIE

craic lahd