Media Links

The following is a list of links to online channels who are doing everything they can to get the truth out there. The top half of the page is centered around Irish patriots typically talking about Irish issues, the bottom half of the page is dedicated to international channels who are doing the same. The channels are listed in no particular order and each one brings its own value. In my own experience, I find it is not good to judge a channel on one clip and to give each channel a fair go.

Orlared shows any Irish news or media clip that he finds interesting and draws attention to the corruption going on in this country.

The Irish Patriot has his own live talk show and broadcasts several times a week.

Grand Torino is an investigative Journalist taking on the toughest issues in the country.

Count Richard Von Couldenhove Kalergi does a weekly news report covering the most important domestic and international issues.

Anois Eire Gives his analysis of current issues facing the country.

Keith Woods is a qualified philosopher and goes into lengthy discussions about what direction he thinks Ireland and the rest of the world is going.

Irish Wolf shows clips of mainstream news that he feels are important.

Beware The Risen People Looks at historical Irish events and gives his in depth opinion on them.

Btwixt gives his thoughts and views on various topics he finds interesting.

Warren Chambers often armed with a cigarette and a can talks about Irish journalism, politics and anything else he can find injustice in.

Computing Forever Typically talks about international issues involving censorship or large tech companies, but can also cover many other topics.

The Don gives highly detailed well researched critical analysis on the biggest issues facing Ireland today.

Gearoid Murphy does his own investigative journalism and then releases his own in depth report on it.

The National Party official YouTube channel keeping you informed of the latest developments in their political campaign.

Irexit Freedom Party official channel keeping you informed of the latest developments in their political campaign.

International Channels

Sanity 4 Sweden gives daily reports on Swedish and international affairs often comical but always entertaining.

Sky News Australia consistently delivers honest and fair reporting probably one of the last mainstream media outlets to do so.

Margoth’s Review gives critical analysis of the current issues facing Britain.

Squatting Slav TV does face to face street interviews in Canada and also gives his opinions on international issues often involving some comedy.

Tommy Robinson is by far one of Britain’s controversial figures and has been placed in prison multiple times for his journalism.

Milo is willing to take on any controversial issue anywhere either in one to one interviews or in public speaking.

Sargon of Akkad is a British nationalist who criticizes mainstream media and politics among other topics.

Avi Yemini is an investigative journalist who often conducts street interviews at protests.