At the time of writing this article, 110,000 people have died from coronavirus. If you think those figures are inflated, don’t worry because they will be double that in the next few weeks anyway. The picture of the graph above shows the current amount of people who have died from exposure to 5G. If you plot the X, Y-axis the more mathematically minded of you will be able to calculate that the current death toll stands at zero. What this means in plain english is that no one has ever died from exposure to 5G.

Having examined both the coronavirus and 5G extensively, I have noticed a direct correlation between people who believe the coronavirus is a hoax and people who believe that 5G is some sort of deep state secret death ray. One of the most common threads that bind these people together is that no matter how much evidence is provided to show that the coronavirus is killing people the coronavirus denier is able to explain it away with “I don’t believe that”. While at the same time never being able to provide a single piece of evidence that 5G is dangerous to humans let alone actually kill one.

You are only as good as the company you keep, and at some point, any honest person would have to seriously question the sanity of people who deny an ever-growing mountain of dead bodies, but blindly believe 5G is hazardous to their health, purely based on a tweet sent by someone as equally as dumb as they are. It has been my experience that it is a complete waste of time talking to these people, as they have no interest in learning anything new, and do not possess the intelligence to understand even the most basic of information. At the same time, they like to lord it up in comment sections and forums referring to the public as sheep for not being able to figure out all the falsehoods that they believe in and the “science” they pretend to know to back up their ideas.

The only conclusion that I can come to is that 5G is a complete dead end for nationalists. It is a time-wasting exercise talking about it. I have also noticed that a lot of the people who talk about it relentlessly do little to nothing else in the way of nationalist activism. I’ve never once seen or been involved in a debate about 5G that I wasn’t able to dismantle and prove at best the information provided to prove the dangers of 5G was faulty and at worst was just outright lies. Anyone who wants to argue against this article let me save you the hassle. Instead of trying to contact me, just type your argument into your chosen internet browser and after it type “debunked”. It will instantly there and then pull your argument to pieces.

No matter how many lies people tell about 5G the reality is this, the 5G network in Ireland can broadcast a signal no stronger than 3.6GHz. You will not find any scientific literature anywhere that will tell you that this can be dangerous to humans, for the simple reason that it is not dangerous to humans. The people who spam boards all day long with lies about 5G are blissfully content to wallow in each other’s ignorance, while constantly subverting the group’s attention away from nationalism. There are other people who genuinely believe 5G is dangerous, you should be able to tell who they are because they will be happy to engage in other subjects other than 5G, If you come across these people ask them to explain to you how a frequency of 3.6GHz can be harmful to anyone?. If they start going off into all different tangents, just ask them again how does a frequency of 3.6GHz harm anyone?

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