Welcome to Hell

Of all the sins that have taken place upon this land in the last one hundred years, it is hard to measure which has been the worst. For sin and crime must be measured in more than one way, and placed against the weight of more than one man. As deeds of evil are intertwined and far-reaching, never isolated to one act, one place, one time.

A single conscious can complete a task for many to behold. Set there on from that time forward to be multiplied into a collective consciousness, an act of evil now becomes a social norm for children, men, and women, who create new ways to improve upon the original task.

When the streets become un-walkable and houses unaffordable, food inedible, television unwatchable, and education unattainable. Where is left for Irish people to hide from the sin they have created.

Only in sleep can remorse be escaped. To be left alone to dream of cars, money, holidays, of prizes unattainable, ever-growing dreams fuelled by longer sleep with many people across the land in unison.

Alone the nationalist walks the streets of woke Ireland, he dare not dream as this nightmare is more than he can bear.

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