The Islamification of Tipperary

During October 2019 The National Party staged several protests in the town of Borrisokane County Tipperary in order to try and stop the opening on an immigrant housing center. Although the protests and town meetings had large support from the locals, the center opened anyway. The only liaison between the people of Borrisokane and the media was one woman, who gave interviews to both newspapers and RTE. She claimed that the town was overjoyed about the opening of the new center. This comment seems to be in stark contrast to many audio and video clips that were taken from the residents of Borrisokane at this time.

It was later revealed that the woman was on a self-appointed committee for the town to deal with any affairs involving the immigrant center. It is unclear if this is a funded position. Within two weeks of this event taking place, it was announced that five more sites had been designated around Tipperary for yet more immigrant housing centers. This is on top of the multiple centers that already existed in the county. None of the centers appear to be government-funded. The breakdown of the entire transaction seems to be, a private investor goes to a town and applies for planning permission, and the locals believe a housing investment is being made in their area. Then it will transpire that the accommodation will actually be used to house immigrants. During this time a self-appointed committee had been set up to deal with any member of the public who questions what is happening in their community.

Members of the public find it extremely difficult to gain access to the media to voice their concerns, and if they turn to social media they are branded a racist by the committee. The immigrant housing center is then built and the immigrants are forced into the community regardless of whether the community wanted it or not. The government then becomes involved by leasing the center from the private investor at an undisclosed rate per person staying there, using taxpayer money to fund all of this. Often the centers are created out of already existing buildings which are in no way able to accommodate the number of people being put into them, instantly creating problems for the arriving immigrants.

In some towns around Ireland, these centers have changed the demographics by up to 15% overnight. Once this is complete the investor simply moves onto the next town and starts again. Tipperary seems to be experiencing particularly high levels of Muslim plantation into their county. In order to facilitate this, the government has now decided to build a mosque that is being disguised as an Islamic cultural center. Daily prayer will be held there five times a day just like any other mosque, but the building itself will not have a certain requirement under Islamic law to qualify as an actual holy mosque that Allah himself would approve of. Meanwhile, for the mere mortals of Tipperary for all intents and purposes, a mosque is being built in their county. The technicality of a building requirement will not comfort their minds from the reality of an ever-growing government watch list of Muslim terror suspects.

The real question in all this is how much more are the people of Tipperary going to take? They are being taken for a ride by private investors who could not care less about what happens in their communities. The money to expand this plantation is limitless as is the supply of immigrants wanting to come to Ireland. Every level of government from local to Taoiseach is actively working against them. For now, at least they still have the numbers on the ground to be able to stop this going any further. There are examples of towns around the country where the communities came together and put a stop to what was happening, but they had to get out of their houses and fight for it. Hiding, pretending this is not happening, or being too afraid to talk about it, is the guaranteed road to the final destruction of Ireland. You need to get active immediately. Join the National Party, Irish Freedom Party, ACI or try and find an independent in your area that will fight to stop the expansion of more immigrant centers. Register with for free and become part of the online community.

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  1. It’s about time the people of Tipperary took a stand against our replacement. If we don’t do it now it’s our children and grandchildren that will pay the price

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