The 1%

Last year a survey was conducted by gradireland in which 13,568 third level students from across the country registered their details. The survey concluded that 40% identified as male, 59% as female and 1% preferred not to disclose their gender. It is worth noting that the percentages were not calculated to the decimal point. So it could literally take just 1 student out of every student that took the survey to then be allocated 1% of the overall percentage of the survey.

The average age of a student in third level education is 20 years old. It is a time in their lives when they are very hormonal having just come into adulthood, and also at a time when they are most likely to experiment with different ideas and lifestyles. It is also a time for the typical 20 years old to experience their first chance of freedom away from their family and to make their own decisions without being judged. Given all these circumstances you could say it is a time in their lives when they are most likely to explore their own sexuality. But yet the survey shows us that 1% and most probably less are defining themselves as neither male nor female.

In the last few months, Fine Gael and Fianna Fail government with complete acceptance of the fake opposition Sinn Fein have been relentlessly trying to push through a degenerate and radical new form of sex education which will be forced on secondary as well as primary school children. It will tell children that there are no longer such things as men and women and they are free to choose to be either or none. A major part of this sex education bill is to take away the parent’s right as to what their children will be taught in these sex education classes as the school will no longer need the parent’s consent. Another option that will be taken away from parents will be to consult with the teacher or headmaster of the school about the exact content of the sex education classes, as it will not be the school’s teachers providing these classes. The state will be sending sex education experts into the schools to program the children.

This is all going to be done in the name of fairness and equality and is set to warp the mind of every child in the country into these extreme views on sexuality, which in reality only applies to a tiny percentage of the general population of Ireland. Anyone who questions this is immediately labeled a homophobe and harrassed either on the street or online by the government’s new goon squad Antifa and People Before Profit, who consistently resort to threats of violence at anyone who opposes this new sex education bill. This new form of sex education is already in place in England and the state is using the police to enforce it. In a predominantly Muslim school in Birmingham, parents withdrew their children from the school in order for them not to be forced to learn about transgenderism. After a standoff that lasted months, the state overruled the parents and sided with the school, saying that the new sex education must be taught to the children under any circumstances. The police then blockaded the area around the school and stopped the parents from protesting there.

As a direct result of this new sex education in the UK, there is a huge rise in teenagers wanting to change their sex, and can now attend clinics and start to receive hormone replacement therapy, and apply to be accepted for sex-change operations, without parental supervision or consent. It would be inevitable that if you brainwash children who are at a highly impressionable time in their lives into this way of thinking, that a certain amount of them are going to be led on by it. It would be easy to blame the deranged ideas of Leo Varadkar for bringing all this to Ireland, but make absolutely no mistake about it Fianna Fail and Sinn Fein have been in full approval of it and are doing everything in their power to force it on your children.

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