That Will Never Happen Here

In 2019 comedian John Cleese made a statement that London was no longer an English city. This led to him being ostracised by every media outlet in England and branding him a racist. London’s demographics stand at 55% non-national and that is set to increase rapidly in the next 20 years. Since this change in demographics, crime in all areas has rapidly increased, especially knife crime and terrorist activity. The mayor of London Sadiq Khan refuses to accept that these crime rates have anything to do with a change in population.

To be able to call Cleese’s correct observation of London a racist statement is a classic example of how England got into this situation in the first place. It exposes how badly their own media is working against them by refusing to support any other opinion than, mass migration is fantastic for England, and nothing negative can ever be associated with it.

In Belgium mass migration from Muslim countries has become so high now that they outnumber the locals in many areas. The result of this is that many Belgians have had to resort to fleeing the areas that they themselves grew up in and that their families have lived in for generations. The Muslim communities that are left behind are now forming themselves into voting blocks and producing candidates for general elections, who are running on a policy of bringing Sharia law into Belgium. If a Muslim party secure a majority in the Belgium government, there would be nothing then from stoping them achieving this. They would also be able to send elected representatives to the European Union and influence law-making policies there, which the whole of Europe would then have to adhere to.

If you think this can’t happen in Ireland you are dreaming. Longfords demographics is already over 30% non-national and growing fast. Practically every village, town, and city in Ireland is now hosting asylum and refugee centers. Longford is nothing more than a testing ground for the rest of the country. The demographics that it has produced will soon become the future for the whole of Ireland. This notion of a diverse multicultural utopia of inclusivity does not exist. Longford is divided into two sections, non-national and Irish. This is a typical behavioral pattern for non-nationals in host countries all over the world. In small numbers, they can be integrated but as soon as mass migration becomes the driving factor the non-nationals will form themselves into groups and then expand and take over an area. Shortly thereafter demanding that their culture should now become the dominant culture in that area.

All the while this erodes away at the host country’s core belief system, laws and religion as they are forced to accommodate the ever-growing list of demands from the non-nationals. This is all done under the guise of fairness and equality, but if an individual or group of nationalists point out the problems with this they are persecuted. Inclusivity is very much a one-way street, whereby the host country’s culture is destroyed in order to include the non-nationals. Why we are allowing this to happen in Ireland is just baffling. There is no white guilt here, we do not owe any other country anything. We have only just come out of centuries of slavery and oppression ourselves. Do we really want to just hand over our country to the European Union and the globalists, because we are too afraid to speak out about the changing demographics in our country? Think of all the Irish patriots that fought and died in order for you to be able to sit and read this article now. What will the future generations be writing about this moment in time in Irish history? How would you like to be remembered?

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