Money For Nothing

Ireland spends 0.36% of its budget on foreign aid which is approximately 817 million Euros a year. This does not include the money the government spends on direct provision centers and all the other costs that occur from our open border mass migration policy which is estimated to be at 200 million Euros a year. It also does not include the amount of money the Irish public donate to charities such as Concern or Trocaire.

The recommended amount for any country to donate is 0.70% of its GDP. Irelands GDP is 333 billion put this into a comparison of a similar-sized country such as Israel which has a GDP of 350 billion but donate just 0.01% of its GDP to foreign aid. It is also worth noting that Israel does not have the added cost of the 200 million a year to support migrants, because migration to Israel is illegal and they operate a strict deportation policy. Israel claims it is not in the position to donate money to foreign aid as it is a poor country itself.

Currently, Israel is 97 billion dollars in debt compared to Ireland which is 227 billion dollars in debt, yet our government tells us we can keep borrowing money in order to just give it away. In February 2019 our government announced it would be doubling its foreign aid funding by 2030 which would commit Ireland to donate over 2 billion a year. When asked where the funds would go, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar claimed it was needed for climate change, mass migration, gender equality, and other issues. At the same press conference, Tanaiste Simon Coveney backed up the Taoiseach’s plans by saying “Its a real commitment that involves choices and indeed sacrifices of what otherwise could be achieved by this money at home should we choose not to spend it abroad”

It is important to note that when Fine Gael says government spending, what they really mean is spending your money, and when they get on the world stage and pledge future donations of 2 billion a year, they are talking about your children’s money. This is the same government that is constantly trying to squeeze essential services like air, sea rescue or funding for the homeless. Waterford regional hospital can not afford to have a full-time heart unit, so if you have a heart attack anywhere in the South East make sure you have it during office hours Monday to Friday or you will have to be transported to Dublin or Cork hospital. This is the same government that slashed the budget for disabled people in Ireland during the recession leaving the weakest members of society with nowhere left to turn to. The same government that has been responsible for the highest rates of homelessness the state has ever seen, because it says it can not afford to build housing or provide them with tempory shelter.

While all this is happening the government completely supports an open door policy for mass migration into Ireland and is able to provide accommodation for anyone who comes here from overseas. Its the same government that increased fees for students up to a minimum of 3000 Euros a year while patronizing them that they are receiving a free education. You could fill a book with how this government and its predecessors have left this country devasted with its budget decisions and all the while guaranteeing to pay the IMF and the bondholders anything they demand. Can you imagine what an extra 2 billion a year of our own money could do for this country over a ten year period? We could become one of the most advanced nations on the planet, after we achieved this then we could make contributions to other countries. If we had a nationalist government we wouldn’t have to imagine it, it would be a reality. Join the National Party, ACI or the Irish Freedom Party and put Ireland and the Irish people first.

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