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Ireland’s demographics are now at 20% non-national, that’s one in every five people, this dramatic change has taken place in the space of twenty years. The majority of these non-nationals tend to gravitate towards the cities, particularly Dublin. These people have no problem living in rooms that can accommodate anywhere from 6 to 14 beds and an average rent of 400 Euros a month. This has absolutely destroyed the rental market for anyone trying to move out of home. The cheapest single bedrooms in Dublin cost anything upwards of 350 Euros a week, which is well out of the price range for anyone working for lower or middle income.
Anyone who can afford them is basically in a situation where they are converting their wages into rent and basically becoming a wage slave. It is impossible for these people to ever escape this cycle as it is too hard to save up a deposit for a mortgage. The best-case scenario is that two people on well-paid jobs save every cent until they are in their middle 30s in order to get a deposit down on a house and work until the day they die to pay off the mortgage.

The government has encouraged this every step of the way by inviting foreign property investors into the country to buy up any developmental space that becomes available and convert it into rental properties. These companies then extort the absolute maximum amount of rent out of this situation. Typically the people living in this accommodation are foreigners themselves, working for multinational corporations and given large rent subsidies as part of they’re wages, which only ever serves to drive the rent up further and further.

This has been a major influence in the declining birth rates of Irish citizens, who at the same time are told we need to increase mass migration coming into the country because there are not enough Irish people here to fill all the jobs. Then the Irish taxpayer is told that the non-nationals have to be given free housing because they won’t be able to afford to rent or buy here as it is too expensive for them. 

In the past, a generation might have to go through these conditions, but then they could transfer the wealth they accumulated onto their children to help create a better standard of living so they would not have to struggles to get on the property ladder. The never-ending regime of successive Fianna Fail and Fine Gael governments seem determined to break that cycle. Care for the elderly costs thousands each week and if you have not got the cash to pay for it, the house you worked for all your life will happily be taken as payment. Your children will not be able to assist you as they will be too busy working to pay the rent.  

A large number of politicians in the Dail are landlords themselves and are profiting greatly from this situation, they have no desire to ever see it change as it is in their own interests to keep everything the way it is. If we are the wage slaves they are well and truly the masters. It is safe to assume that if the population of Ireland keeps rising through mass migration these conditions can only get worse, and the record levels of homelessness we are experiencing at the minute will be dwarfed by what’s coming in the next twenty years. 

We can expect rising crime levels due to poverty and rising drug dependency due to depression. All while this is happening the destruction of the Irish demographics will continue. If you can not afford to move out of home, you can not afford to have children. If you can barely afford to pay the rent, you can not have children. If you leave Ireland, which our young people are doing in they’re thousands, it is unlikely you will return to these conditions. In your place will come a ready-made family from a country with a much higher birth rate than Ireland and just given a house leaving them free to use their income on improving they’re standard of living. 
As a country, we are at the very brink from stopping this going any further, but we have to get rid of this pro-European, globalist government, and replace it with a nationalist government or else Ireland will be lost forever.

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