Schools Out

There are 535,000 non-nationals living in Ireland that figure does not include their children. Most parents living in smaller towns and villages around Ireland are now struggling to find school places for their children in the same schools that they themselves grew up in. Parents are being told that places are simply not available due to overcrowding. Other parents are being advised by school staff not to send their children to specific schools as they won’t get a proper education there because the teacher’s time is being massively consumed by teaching non-nationals English instead of the actual subjects such as history, geography or maths. Combine this with an ever-growing number of students per class to a ratio of 1 teacher and the inevitable result will be a serious decline in the overall standard of education in the country.

This has been a tried and trusted method used by colonial powers to destroy nations they are occupying. By destroying a nation’s education system and the ability to learn, they destroy the chances of the future generation of being able to understand the conditions they are living in. This leaves them with no academic means by which to fight back. The European Union’s tactics of flooding Ireland with mass migration and crippling the education system is no different from when the British were here and burnt the schools down and made education illegal, forcing the Irish to be taught in hedge schools.

This has been achieved with the collaboration of successive Fianna Fail and Fine Gael governments. The majority of whose politicians children will be going to private schooling. Once finished in private school they will go on to Trinity, cork, or Galway university more than likely to study business or sociology and then conveniently land a top paying job through family and government connections. Having never worked a day in their lives and having no experience they will then be put in a position of power deciding what they think is best for other people to do or perhaps just carry on the family tradition of being in politics.

Meanwhile, your children have been processed through public primary school and brainwashed through public secondary school, which has taught them nothing about banking or politics. Instead preferring to indoctrinate them into gender studies or how not to voice an opinion on fairness and equality. They are now ready for third level education which will start them on the road of getting into debt of an average of 6500 Euro a year. Leaving them with a bill of 26,000 Euro by the end of it.

Compare this to a non-national who has just come here and receives free accommodation, free education, free medical and free money. Finishing up they’re time in third-level education with a bill of zero and are now well on the way to being put through the housing list. How can a young Irish person starting out in life ever compete with this?

Your child is now qualified and is ready to go out into an over-saturated workforce that doesn’t want them. Do they stay and work for wages that are little more than a coupon to pay the rent or do they leave most likely never to return properly. Separated from family and friends forever, just another unit processed by the factory that is Ireland. This is not just happening by coincidence, it’s happening by design, our nation is being destroyed from the inside out. If we don’t put national candidates forward and form ourselves into voting blocks to get them elected the future of Ireland is that there won’t be an Ireland. Go to the political party link page on this website and find out how you can join The National Party, ACI or The Irish Freedom Party, or find out if there is an independent running in your area who is a nationalist.

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  1. I cant agree more with Irish Brother, start with the ones who already have deportation orders, then the ones who are appealing the orders, that would be a huge leap forward with very little effort. I know we will miss the Engineers and Doctors, but hey im sure we,ll survive.

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