Traitors To The Cause

Sinn Fein has been masquerading as a republican party for decades now when they are anything but. Stop listening to their rhetoric for a minute and start looking at their policies and it’s then you will see Sinn Fein for what it really is, a pro-European, communist, anti-Irish organization.

Sinn Fein is still campaigning for a united Ireland separated from Britain, while at the same time constantly advocating open borders for the rest of the world to move into Ireland, unvetted and in limitless numbers. If anyone raises concerns about direct provision centers or illegal mass migration, Sinn Fein will petition against them. What’s the point in living in a country called Ireland if the native Irish people are a minority? With non-nationals now coming into the country at a rate of 35,000 a year, it won’t be long before that question becomes a reality. While all this is happening Sinn Fein is also Campaigning that Palestine belongs to the Palestinians, but they can’t seem to grasp the idea of why Ireland would belong to the Irish. 

Sinn Fein started as an illegal underground organization and had to fight every step of the way to be recognized as a political party. Part of their struggle included a media blackout where Ireland and England refused to broadcast them, in an attempt to silence them and control the narrative of the situation in the North. Skip forward to 2019 and Sinn Fein are now openly advocating the banning of free speech. They are calling for the ban by protesting outside the Dail and will no doubt help to vote in Charlie Flannigan’s draconian made up laws that are completely against the constitution. Free speech for Sinn Fein but not for the people of Ireland.

Sinn Fein fully endorses the sexualization of primary school children by promoting children as young as 4 to learn how to masturbate. They also aim to teach children about transgenderism and other homoerotic activity, this is all done under the guise of a new sex education bill. Also included in this new sex education is the ability to take away the parent’s right to refuse to have their children subjected to this degenerate form of brainwashing.  According to the constitution, the rights of the family supersede the rights of the state in all but the most extreme cases, but under this new sex education bill, the school no longer needs the parent’s consent. Sinn Fein is more than happy to deny every family their rights to protect their children in order to push their own agenda.

Sinn Fein is still pretending to be the party for the working class, while at the same time relentlessly pushing for open border mass migration into Ireland. The whole point of mass migration is to supply a cheap labor force into the country which will drive down wages while at the same time massively increasing rents and mortgages. This essentially turns the working class into wage slaves for corporations and landlords, stuck in a never-ending cycle of working to pay the rent with no opportunity to change their lives.

Sinn Fein is nothing more than fake opposition to Fianna Fail and Fine Gael. They endorse most of their policies with the odd token confrontation over a non-issue just so they can grandstand in the Dail or on the news, and push this long since betrayed idea that they are a republican party. The reality is that every decision they vote on in the Dail brings Ireland one step closer to destruction and being replaced by the globalists’ vision of a world where no one has a country, identity, rights, a living wage, or any decision-making ability over their own future.

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  1. Sinn Fein are anti-Irish commie scum,they are totally exposed that their supporters will start becoming embarrassed for Supporting them all these years thinking that they were a Nationalist Party,i use to vote for them but NEVER again

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