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Whether you watch it or not every household and business in the country that has a television on its premises is required to have a TV licence that costs 160 Euro. This money is then given to RTE, but where does the money go and what is it used for?

In 2016 the top 10 presenters took home a combined annual salary of 3,028,000 Euro. To put that into perspective, that’s the equivalent of 18,925 homes that had to cough up 160 Euro to support these people’s lifestyles, and in return what do they get? Ray Darcy (450,000) continually has on his show professional con artist Ellie Kisyombe, who lied and cheated her way through the department of immigration in order to gain residency in Ireland and then gloat about it on the Ray Darcy Show. Her main talking point on the show is, of course, to inform the Irish people that they are racist. Another guest on the show is Dr. Ebun Joseph whose entire purpose in life is to call the Irish racist, blaming all migrant problems on the Irish. Darcy’s response to this is to say he is ashamed to be Irish and never once questions Kisyombe’s fraudulent activity or Joseph’s perception of reality.

But if that doesn’t appeal to your sense of self-worth you can always tune into Joe Duffy (389,000) who regularly accuses his Irish callers of being racist, sexist, anti traveller, homophobe, transphobe, Islamaphobe. Joe seems totally unable to grasp the concept of how one person can identify another person by interacting with them. “How did you know they weren’t Irish?” “How did you know the man was from the Middle East?” Joe fully advocates the spread of Islam into Ireland because according to him it’s not caused problems in any other country in Europe. Despite the increasing rates of rape, violence, murder, and terrorism directly linked to the increase in the Muslim population throughout Europe.

Tired of your ears being assaulted by RTE radio, why not attack your eyes instead and switch on the state-run propaganda that is the Claire Byrne (216,000) Show. Claire is well versed in the BBC tactics of rigging audiences and panel guests so that only one narrative is heard in a pathetic attempt to convince the viewers at home that what’s being presented is the opinion of the general public. Byrne’s investigative journalism knows no bounds as she reads from cue cards written for her by other people.

The level of corruption in this country is unprecedented yet RTE consistently refuses to report on it, while constantly promoting the government. In return, the government has guaranteed RTE continued endless revenue from TV licences which will soon be changed to entertainment licences. So even if you never owned a TV or watched RTE in your life you will be forced to pay for your own propaganda, because there is no way under any circumstances you could call what these people produce journalism.

The alternative party’s such as ACI, The National Party, and The Irish Freedom Party need to run an election campaign on the policy of banning the TV licence. Calling door to door and telling people that if they vote for them they will never have to buy a TV licence again and save themselves and their family’s 160 Euro a year. This would finally destroy this perverted relationship between RTE and the government once and for all, which is only there to rob from the poor and give to themselves. While at the same time boring us to tears with mindless dribble and relentless propaganda against the Irish people.

And as for Ryan Tubridy, well the defense rests your honor. 

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