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Since 2008 Ireland has paid back over 68 billion to the IMF yet we still owe 229 billion. This debt is structured in such a way that it is practically impossible for us to ever pay off and is used as a tool by the EU to control our government. If we do not comply with any decision made for our country by Brussels the money supply will be cut off. This includes Irelands complete cooperation in signing any new article or legislation that the EU creates such as Article 34 which will censor the internet or The Marrakesh agreement which will continue to open our borders even further and allow a never ending flow of illegal unvetted migrants into Ireland with no reason given other than they have to be allowed to live here.

The financial crash of 2008 was designed to suck the wealth out of every country including Ireland and transfer it to the banks. As a result, we are suffering from record levels of homelessness, hospitals that can not function due to lack of funding and an overcrowded underfunded education system. The reason tax revenue is no longer being used to support these services is because it is being removed from the system and is transferred out of the country to pay a debt that can never be paid. There will be no end to the recession, this is the new standard of living. The only thing that will increase is taxes and new forms of taxes such as carbon tax, which will be another stealth tax on the poor.

This country has been run by Fianna Fail and Fine Gael governments for the past 100 years at no point have they made any attempt to regulate the banks and make them suffer the losses of any bad investments they’ve made. The entire bill for the 2008 crash is being paid for by the Irish taxpayer, but not just for Ireland as part of the deal for the IMF to bail us out we took on 42% of Europe’s debt as well. This was a pivotal point in Irish history we could have stood up to the banks and told them to suffer the loss of their own bad investments. We would have experienced a harder crash but eventually made a real recovery and gained control over our finances and our national budget.

Instead, Fianna Fail put the banks and the bondholders first and now we are locked into this endless cycle of debt. This government needs to go but the entire banking system needs to go with it. We need to come to an agreement with the IMF as to an exact amount that we are to pay back and not an ever growing amount due to interest. Once this is completed we need to return to printing our own currency. If a government does not control its own money supply it does not control its own country.

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