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This website is dedicated to raising awareness about the direction that Ireland is going in. Currently, the country is host to some 535,000 non-nationals and the official government plan is to increase the population of the state by another 500,000 by the year 2040. The average birth rate for an Irish couple is 1.8 and for a population to sustain itself it must be at a minimum rate of 2.1. It is clear that the government’s plan is to increase the population by a mixture of legal and illegal mass migration combined with the fact that these other nationalities coming into our country have a much higher birth rate, it is mathematically inevitable that the Irish will become a minority in their own country.

Other factors that will guarantee the extinction of the Irish race is the constant financial strangle hold this government and its predecessors have foisted upon us. It is becoming more and more unrealistic for an Irish couple to be able to afford a home. They are stuck in an endless cycle of being trapped in an oversaturated low paying jobs market where they’re wages are instantly transferred from their bank accounts to their landlords in the form of extortionate rents making it next to impossible to be able to start a mortgage. Put this in contrast to Illegal migrants who have come here under false pretenses and gamed the system only for the government to reward them by giving them free housing.

Under these conditions, Irish people can not afford to have children and are left with two options to stay here and struggle to support a system that is openly working to destroy them or leave. Practically every family in the country has been affected by losing some of its members who had no future in Ireland and were forced to go abroad. Comparing the Irish leaving the country to the illegal migrants who are coming in is beyond deceitful. Irish people are entering foreign countries who have established a relationship with Ireland, they have been criminally and medically vetted and are entering legally under a visa or passport scheme. Upon entry, they will not be given any benefit and will have to pay for everything themselves including all legal costs. At any point, they can lose they’re visa status and be told to leave which they must comply with. However, it rarely comes to this as the Irish for the most part have a reputation of being law abiding citizens in any society.

The main focus of this website will be to raise awareness around these issues. If you are viewing this site on a phone press the button at the top of the site to give you access to the menu. Check out the Media Link which will give you access to all the different channels and websites. The Political Link will give you access to the parties and independents who actually care about this country and are trying to stop what is happening. If you have questions join the forum and we will try our best to help you. Racism will not be tolerated anywhere on this site and has no place in Ireland, this is about preserving our nationality, our culture, and our heritage. Every inch of this country has been paid for with the blood of our ancestors and we are heading down a path that will irreversibly change the demographics of the Irish people and by doing so Ireland will be lost forever. One thing will remain the same though after Ireland is gone, Africa will still be Africa, the Middle East will still be the Middle East, Asia will still be Asia and South America will still be South America, because they know how important their culture is.

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